Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Day 19 - Tuesday 11th November

Well I can't believe it's five days to go before I go home! This month really has flown by and I've had the time of my life here - apart from a few hiccups that we've ironed out quite successfully! I've had a really fun couple of days with Uncle Dan - I always like it when it's just us. He gives me the attention I so crave and demands very little in return! This picture is one that he took of me this morning lying on the bed. He kept reading this book and ignoring me - so I decided to join in and read the book too!

We've been for lots of walks recently - I am sure I have lost far too much weight and feel pretty much anorexic! I only get treats from Uncle Dan and don't get the scraps from dinner becuz they're always at that wretched gym! So rude! Anyway when we were going for a walk yesterday - poor Uncle Dan seemed to suddenly become ill and do something weird. He was walking slower and slower and then had to crouch down and put his head between his legs. I was very worried and hoped a few licks would do the trick. He kept breathing very fast and very loud so not sure what was going on there. He seems a bit better today though so that's okay.

When he was asleep, I did my concerned nurse impression and kept looking at him. Maybe a bit close I grant you that - because he opened his eyes at one point and jumped! Well I wanted to make sure that he didn't get poorly again! Anyhow Uncle Scotty made me jump today because he's normally out all day but suddenly appeared at the balcony door knocking! So obviously I barked and Uncle Dan came staggering out of his bedroom in a very bad mood and let him in. I think Uncle Scotty was poorly too because he didn't do much all day but just lay on the sofa and chatted to friends on Facebook.

Ooh! I forgot to say about our walk because I got distracted. Before he got poorly Uncle Dan kept laughing at me and telling me that when I walk I "prance" (whatever that means) and do a "catwalk"! So here's a video - draw your own conclusions. I think I have a rather sturdy gait actually. But can I help it if I know that I am gorgeous!?

I am hoping that the three Uncle's have got a leaving do planned for me! I am sure that the mechanics of this flat will ground to a halt after my departure! After all - who else guards the flat faithfully? Who else is the welcome party whenever the front door opens? I wonder what will be on the menu .... mmmm!
More tomorrow I hope (unless Uncle Dan is off to the gym!).

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Day 17 - Sunday 9th November 2008

Well I've never known a week fly by so fast as this one! Mind you - I did try my hardest to get access to the internet but it's jealously guarded in this household. You wouldn't believe how three guys could stay glued to the screen looking at ... whatever they look at. If it's not Uncle Dan, then it's Uncle Scott and if it's not Uncle Scott then it's Uncle Barry - and Bubba certainly comes at the bottom of the pecking order in terms of internet access! That's gonna have to change - and fast. I've got webcam buddies I want to catch up with ...

So what's been happening?! Well the week started off rather badly. Still smarting from "Carpet-gate" - Uncle Dan got in one morning and let me snuggle up on his bed which was really nice. He had a rather nice duvet on. It was white (a silly colour if I say so myself) and it had sparkly sequins around the edge of it. Well I didn't chew on them. But I did get an attack of nerves because I think he was talking in his sleep or something and made me jump. So I had another "accident" similar to "Carpet-gate". We'll call this one "Kylie-gate" because Uncle Dan never stopped howling that I had de-faced his Kylie bedspread. I thought Kylie was a woman?! Anyhow ... that was all a bit awful ... again!

But the up-side has meant that I get two walks - one in the morning and a long, long one in the evening so I guess I'm the winner! I thought I had better give him something though becuz I did feel a bit ashamed so I finally gave in and do both my bits of business on the balcony. Well they've been trying for so long to make me go - I guess I owed them for the drama.

Those events aside - what else? Life has pretty much carried on as normal. Uncle Dan and Uncle Scotty still militantly go out to their "gym" and come home starving. So despite my best begging, brown-eyes tricks I haven't had a SCRAP from their dinner plates. I HATE that place. Whatever they do there and whatever it does to them - it makes them hungry. Either that or Uncle Dan is cooking less. Stingy so-and-so. I've got my own rug now to sleep on the sofa which is rather nice. Chenelle. Or something. Anyway it's very soft so that's nice. And apparantly it's not long now till Mummy comes home! Wow ... how exciting is that! I wonder if she will have changed much and I'll still recognise her ... I'm sure I will!

Until tomorrow - I've been promised we can do some more video footage soon!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Day 10 - Sunday 2nd November 2008 - "Carpet-gate"

This is just gonna be a brief entry - I'm not sure how long I'm allowed access to the computer. Yesterday I did something bad ... something unmentionable. Cross words were uttered on both sides. Uncle Dan and I expressed differences of opinions and we have since made up. I really don't wish to discuss it any further. We will henceforth refer to it as "Carpet-gate".

Today's been a bit better - it was just Uncle Dan and me so we spent time re-forging our damaged relationship. He took me out for a very long walk which was really fun. There are so many exciting smells in a big city. Well as I say, time is limited so that's all for now ... more tomorrow I hope.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Day 8 - Friday 31st October 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well I wouldn't have even known it was Halloween to be honest but apparantly I'm told that it is. Quite what that means or who that means - who knows. I missed a day on my blog!! Oh no ... what happens now!? Uncle Dan seems to think it's a bad thing - but he's to blame for it anyhow! He went out last night and didn't come back all night! I'm used to him going to work but I'm not sure whether this was work or not - he was wearing something different. And seemed excited. So I was left in with Uncle Scotty - who is the disciplinarian I have decided. I always feel I have to behave when he's on duty!

We had a nice evening - I just sat in the hall and tried to keep small and unnoticeable. I wonder where Uncle Dan is ... anyhow. It was quite a cold night again in that lounge of theirs. Wish I could be snuggled on Uncle Dan's bed - but I'm not allowed when he's not in it. Uncle Barry got up first and left for his work in that funny old thing he wears. Then Uncle Scott got up late as usual (!!!) but while he was doing his hair Uncle Dan got back. I could tell he was in a really good mood and seemed much more cheerful than he has done for ages. We all chatted for a bit and caught up on the night - and I tried to seem like I knew what they were talking about.

Then Uncle Dan went to bed and let me snuggle up with him. It was really lovely and cosy and we slept for an hour until the postman rudely awakened us by buzzing insistently on the door. I loved what Uncle Dan did ... he pulled the cover over his head and ignored it muttering something unrepeatable! We went back to sleep again and slept very well until about 2pm when I got a bit restless and started to wonder if he would ever wake up. I tried lovingly licking his hand but he didn't seem to appreciate it - it was withdrawn under the duvet. Strange. He only woke up when the door opened and Uncle Barry got back from his work.

So we all had a bit of a conference sitting on Uncle Dan's bed chatting about very important stuff. I think Uncle Barry is going to work at that horrid Acorns place tonight. They watched a bit of TV and I must admit I was getting a bit restless - I need a walk! So I tried some gentle persuasion and then got a bit louder. In the end they gave in - Uncle Barry went to bed (the sleeping patterns of this lot are quite odd) and Uncle Dan took me out for a walk. The postman seemed to have upset him a bit because he rang a couple of people - that nice lady Lynn and Uncle Scotty and another lady I haven't heard of called Jo and spoke to them about it all. It was a real shame because he seemed so happy this morning!

Anyhow we are now back home in the warm (I went nosing into Uncle Barry's room to see what he was up to and got shouted at for waking him up ... oops) - and Uncle Dan and I are working on the blog together. I'm getting quite a good typist you know.

Until tomorrow ... Happy Halloween and safe trick or treating!!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

How Cute Do I Look?!

I do have to brag a bit here - Uncle Dan caught me while I was catching forty winks ... you must admit I am a bit of a looker!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Day 6 - Wednesday 29th October 2008

I can't believe a week has almost already gone by without Mummy! I thought it would crawl by but actually time passes by quite quickly with all the comings and goings in Flat 3 here in Birmingham. Well today was slightly different in that I wasn't woken up by any early morning departures which was rather unusual. I did surface vaguely expecting some grumpiness but nothing. Quite nice really - meant I got a lie in!

Uncle Scotty appeared about 11am-ish followed around the same time by Uncle Barry who was heading off to that hospital place in his strange uniform. I was allowed in to go and wake Uncle Dan about mid-day (disgraceful I know, but he does seem very tired lately). We all chatted for a bit and I think Uncle Dan and Uncle Scotty were trying to decide what to do with the day and where to go. They talked about a few places that I haven't heard of before and decided to go to somewhere called "Worcester".

Uncle Scotty was eager to be gone straight away but good ole Uncle Dan said to walk me first so we went for a very brisk walk around the block which was about 2 miles all in all I think! They kept talking about me losing weight ... the cheek of it .... they're not so slim themselves! So at least got to stretch my legs and have a wee-wee before they left. And what a long day it was too. They got back when it was dark and then rudely decided to go straight out to that gym-place again that they're so obsessed with.

At least when we got back, Uncle Dan and me had some fun playing. Uncle Scotty took a video of it! Here it is:

Then they ate food (I hate it when they have been to the gym and then eat cuz there's never anything left for me) and are just watching that colourful box and doing not much really. Quite dull ... they keep trying to make me go on that balcony to go for a wee-wee but I can't smell any other dogs so why should I!? I like trees and bushes ... much more "green".

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Day 5 - Tuesday 28th October 2008

Working for Treats ...

See how cruel Uncle Dan is and what he makes me go through just to get one lousy denti-stick (they're not even that nice but I haven't got the heart to tell him) ...

Watch out for the evil look I give Uncle Dan ... it's priceless! I reckon I should have my own modelling profile - I'd make thousands. Note to self ... have a word with Mother when she gets back from swanning around in the sun.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Day 4 - Monday 27th October 2008

The thing I do like about this flat is that it's different - you never quite know what's going to happen each day! I was snoozing quite peacefully on the sofa and about 06:00 Uncle Barry appeared with a bang and vanished for a shower and then left. He was wearing a very odd combination of clothing today - black trousers and a white tunic thingy. Anyway he was very quiet and seemed in quite a bad mood. Probably because it was very cold - humans really should have a covering of fur like we dogs. It's much more economical.

Then Uncle Scotty appeared from nowhere in a bit of a flap - he'd overslept according to his mutterings and murmerings and so grabbed a bite of toast and a slurp of tea and then also left. Uncle Dan? I wondered where he was and whether I could go and join him on his bed. But then very oddly I heard him on his phone a couple of times and then speaking to someone about 08:00 booking an appointment with a doctor. I hope that's not a doctor for me - I'm not ill. I think! Anyhow he then kindly let me back in the room with him on his bed and we both fell asleep which was really nice.

Until ... some nasty person rang the buzzer at midnight and woke us both up. Uncle Dan ignored it which seemed rather odd to me. What if it was important?! Anyhow we both got up and he had a cup of hot steaming ... something. Then we went out for a walk! Hurrah! It was very chilly and we went a different way around the park. He wasn't in the best of moods probably because the rain/hail that started coming down really was quite chilly. And I couldn't understand why he wasn't happy loitering while I explored the exciting scents of Birmingham! Again ... if humans had fur coats then this wouldn't be an issue.

We then had a pretty chilled day - the two of us - he was chatting to people on that screen called a computer while I just ... lay. It's a dogs life - it really is. Uncle Dan went out about 4pm somewhere or other and didn't come back for quite a while. Maybe that was to do with the "doctor" thingy. Anyway Uncle Scotty arrived back first shortly followed by Uncle Dan ... and then poo to them - they went out on their own without me! I think it must have been goody shopping because they came back with loads of delicious smelling things. I'm sure I could smell roast chicken. But I wasn't allowed anywhere near!

They did take me for an evening moonlight walk which was nice. I keep sensing a mood though - so kept a beady eye on Uncle Dan. He's made a few phone calls all about this wretched "Acorns" place that is upsetting him so much. I hope he leaves there very soon. It's obviously not very nice at all. Uncle Barry came back from his work in his funny clothes and was quite cheerful talking about his day. He always makes me jumpy though ... so Uncle Dan made me take some "chill" time on the balcony.

Wonder what we'll do tomorrow. Well as long as it involves food, walks, and wee-wee I don't mind ... :)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Day 3 - Sunday 26th October 2008

Well its been another odd and confusing day. Uncle Scotty appeared about 09:00 just after Uncle Dan got in from work. He pottered around doing odd things and then left moaning about having to go and visit his family. I felt like I was all alone in the lounge but I suspected that Uncle Dan was still in bed because why else would I still be locked in the lounge? Plus I could smell him in the flat still ... that distinct smell of his ... dunno what it is?

Anyhow Uncle Dan finally got up about 3pm and still looked a bit miserable and sad so I tried to behave and keep it down. But I did need a wee ... anyway he suddenly shoved on his gym clothes and put my lead on. I got very excited and thought we were going for a walk - but he packed me in the car instead! I always like going in the car because you get to see what sort of place I am living in this month. It was quite odd though - Uncle Dan drove into a car park and obviously expected me to go for a wee somewhere. But I couldn't smell the "Green Light" smell so I crossed my paws again and waited.

Then suddenly Uncle Scott appeared from the house opposite - so Lord knows where he had been. That was exciting - it was nice to see him and plus Uncle Dan always cheers up when Uncle Scotty's around. They drove back and made me go in the back. I was in the front first so in reality thought Uncle Scotty should go in the back. But still ... anyhow they were talking about the gym (sounds a lot of hard work to me) but agreed they would take me for a WALK first! Yay!

Not wanting to be ungrateful but it wasn't as long as usual. They were obviously eager to be off ... whatever one does at the gym! So we did the business and they steered me away from a few other dogs that were coming my way. Dunno why. I only want to play with them! What's the odd bark here and there to show them that they are boss. So the two boys vanished off to the gym and left me home alone bored again.

Then they got home about 6pm-ish and Uncle Scotty started to make something rather delicious for dinner while Uncle Dan snoozed on the sofa. Lazy bloke. He's been sleeping all day! They then teased me by eating it in front of me. Although to be fair they did give me my dinner - suppose a dog shouldn't complain too much. Uncle Barry got home at some point and was very hyper all about his work tomorrow - I think he's going to get an early night. I quite liked snoozing on the sofa between the two boys - you kinda feel part of the gang! I'm hoping they don't forget to take me out for my midnight wee-wee, I'm starting to get desperate again ...

I wonder what we're going to get upto tomorrow. I think it's just me and Uncle Dan all day ... just the way I like it! I wonder whereabouts Mummy is .... I hope she's okay!

Day 3 - Sunday 26th October 2008

A very early morning blog, Uncle Scott's just put all the clocks back and now he's watching the Royle Family, it must be funny because he's sniggering away. Anyway, I thought I'd jump on the computer and say hello to mommy, who should be on the plane to Oz right now. Hope you had a good flight Mom.

And here's a picture of Uncle Scott teasing me with toast, mmm it smelt good. I forgive him for teasing me though because he gave me some.
Right, back off to snooze on the bed now.
More later....

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Day 2 - Saturday 25th October 2008

Well it was all very confusing this morning because Uncle's Dan and Barry were out all night (and I wasn't quite sure where) so I was left in Uncle Scotty's care. He oddly slept on the sofa until about 5am in the morning ... I'm sure I saw a bit of drool. So I thought fair enough - Uncle Dan's bed is free so I went and slept on there. Then outrage of outrage Uncle Scotty woke up and headed off to his bed and kicked me back into the lounge. It was so cold. So I wasn't very impressed - who does like being woken up at 05:00?!

Anyhow Uncles Dan and Barry arrived back very loud and wearing the same clothes as they were when they headed to work last night. They chatted and seemed quite bitchy at each other - maybe they were tired - I dunno. Anyway I had my paws crossed and was hoping around in front of them crying because I was desperate for the loo (and Uncle Barry wouldn't let me have any of his toast either). So thankfully Uncle Dan took me outside and I could ... relief of relief ... go for a wee-wee!!

Uncle Dan smelt suspiciously delicious. I'm sure it was the same smell that Mummy always smells of when she goes to that place called McDonald's for her breakfast. Sausage and Egg McBagel my nose is telling me. But I saw no sign of the breakfast so I suspect he was hiding it or had eaten it already - the greedy fat pig.

Then Uncle Dan and Barry both disappeared off to bed which was odd seeing as my day was just beginning and Uncle Scott got up shortly afterwards. Something was very wrong though - Uncle Scott read a letter and was very cross about it. He then went and woke Uncle Dan up who was really upset and cross I could tell. He kept mentioning "Acorn" which I thought was a tree. Uncle Dan then went and rang a lady on the phone and spoke to her for an hour. I'm sure I recognise her voice, I think I met her before when Mummy was up visiting Uncle Dan. She's nice - but she was very angry on the phone.

So I cuddled up to Uncle Dan and tried to cheer him up which he liked cuz he kept stroking me. He then went for a shower and Uncle Dan and Uncle Scott took me for a long walk during which they talked for a long time about how upset he was. I don't like Uncle Dan being upset. He's normally so happy and cheerful. Anyway - I think he's heading off out for work again (I hope it's not at that Acorns place - it sounds horrid) so it's me and Uncle Scotty tonight.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Day 1 - Friday 24th October 2008

Today Uncle Dan arrived to pick me up from mummy's for my month's vacation in Birmingham. She's off somewhere called Oz which I am gathering is far ... far ... away. I knew something was wrong all day because mummy has been deep in some box all day folding clothes and packing them up. I worried I'd done something bad ... but she kept saying she would be back soon. Uncle Dan and mummy left me alone for a few hours and arrived back giggling and laughing and they then drunk tea and then decided to leave.

At first I thought we were going for a walk but then mummy led me to Uncle Dan's car and strapped me in and ran away quickly. I felt quite sad while Uncle Dan was driving me up this big road because I knew that I won't see her for a while but at least I always have tons of fun at Uncle Dan and Uncle Scott's house!

As soon as we turned the corner and saw his house I got very excited because I remembered it well. Uncle Dan was very kind because he ran to the bathroom moaning about the white wine spritzers that he had drunk and then took me out for a long walk. I got a bit over-excited though because an evil black dog followed us down the road trying to fight with me. I behaved and tried to ignore it. Then I saw a black puppy that looked exactly like me only smaller. I did growl at that thing just to remind it that I was bigger.

Here's a video that Uncle Dan took of me on our walk:

We're settled at home though now - and Uncle Dan is setting up this "blog" for me while Uncle Barry is playing with me. I hope mummy's okay ... I do worry about her ... wherever she's going. I hope that I will see her again soon! Ah well until then there are far more pressing worries ... like am I going to be fed soon? I'm hungry. And is Uncle Dan going to let me sleep on his bed tonight? Or will I be put on the sofa again where it's cold?

More tomorrow ...