Saturday, 25 October 2008

Day 2 - Saturday 25th October 2008

Well it was all very confusing this morning because Uncle's Dan and Barry were out all night (and I wasn't quite sure where) so I was left in Uncle Scotty's care. He oddly slept on the sofa until about 5am in the morning ... I'm sure I saw a bit of drool. So I thought fair enough - Uncle Dan's bed is free so I went and slept on there. Then outrage of outrage Uncle Scotty woke up and headed off to his bed and kicked me back into the lounge. It was so cold. So I wasn't very impressed - who does like being woken up at 05:00?!

Anyhow Uncles Dan and Barry arrived back very loud and wearing the same clothes as they were when they headed to work last night. They chatted and seemed quite bitchy at each other - maybe they were tired - I dunno. Anyway I had my paws crossed and was hoping around in front of them crying because I was desperate for the loo (and Uncle Barry wouldn't let me have any of his toast either). So thankfully Uncle Dan took me outside and I could ... relief of relief ... go for a wee-wee!!

Uncle Dan smelt suspiciously delicious. I'm sure it was the same smell that Mummy always smells of when she goes to that place called McDonald's for her breakfast. Sausage and Egg McBagel my nose is telling me. But I saw no sign of the breakfast so I suspect he was hiding it or had eaten it already - the greedy fat pig.

Then Uncle Dan and Barry both disappeared off to bed which was odd seeing as my day was just beginning and Uncle Scott got up shortly afterwards. Something was very wrong though - Uncle Scott read a letter and was very cross about it. He then went and woke Uncle Dan up who was really upset and cross I could tell. He kept mentioning "Acorn" which I thought was a tree. Uncle Dan then went and rang a lady on the phone and spoke to her for an hour. I'm sure I recognise her voice, I think I met her before when Mummy was up visiting Uncle Dan. She's nice - but she was very angry on the phone.

So I cuddled up to Uncle Dan and tried to cheer him up which he liked cuz he kept stroking me. He then went for a shower and Uncle Dan and Uncle Scott took me for a long walk during which they talked for a long time about how upset he was. I don't like Uncle Dan being upset. He's normally so happy and cheerful. Anyway - I think he's heading off out for work again (I hope it's not at that Acorns place - it sounds horrid) so it's me and Uncle Scotty tonight.

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