Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Day 6 - Wednesday 29th October 2008

I can't believe a week has almost already gone by without Mummy! I thought it would crawl by but actually time passes by quite quickly with all the comings and goings in Flat 3 here in Birmingham. Well today was slightly different in that I wasn't woken up by any early morning departures which was rather unusual. I did surface vaguely expecting some grumpiness but nothing. Quite nice really - meant I got a lie in!

Uncle Scotty appeared about 11am-ish followed around the same time by Uncle Barry who was heading off to that hospital place in his strange uniform. I was allowed in to go and wake Uncle Dan about mid-day (disgraceful I know, but he does seem very tired lately). We all chatted for a bit and I think Uncle Dan and Uncle Scotty were trying to decide what to do with the day and where to go. They talked about a few places that I haven't heard of before and decided to go to somewhere called "Worcester".

Uncle Scotty was eager to be gone straight away but good ole Uncle Dan said to walk me first so we went for a very brisk walk around the block which was about 2 miles all in all I think! They kept talking about me losing weight ... the cheek of it .... they're not so slim themselves! So at least got to stretch my legs and have a wee-wee before they left. And what a long day it was too. They got back when it was dark and then rudely decided to go straight out to that gym-place again that they're so obsessed with.

At least when we got back, Uncle Dan and me had some fun playing. Uncle Scotty took a video of it! Here it is:

Then they ate food (I hate it when they have been to the gym and then eat cuz there's never anything left for me) and are just watching that colourful box and doing not much really. Quite dull ... they keep trying to make me go on that balcony to go for a wee-wee but I can't smell any other dogs so why should I!? I like trees and bushes ... much more "green".

Until tomorrow!

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