Sunday, 26 October 2008

Day 3 - Sunday 26th October 2008

Well its been another odd and confusing day. Uncle Scotty appeared about 09:00 just after Uncle Dan got in from work. He pottered around doing odd things and then left moaning about having to go and visit his family. I felt like I was all alone in the lounge but I suspected that Uncle Dan was still in bed because why else would I still be locked in the lounge? Plus I could smell him in the flat still ... that distinct smell of his ... dunno what it is?

Anyhow Uncle Dan finally got up about 3pm and still looked a bit miserable and sad so I tried to behave and keep it down. But I did need a wee ... anyway he suddenly shoved on his gym clothes and put my lead on. I got very excited and thought we were going for a walk - but he packed me in the car instead! I always like going in the car because you get to see what sort of place I am living in this month. It was quite odd though - Uncle Dan drove into a car park and obviously expected me to go for a wee somewhere. But I couldn't smell the "Green Light" smell so I crossed my paws again and waited.

Then suddenly Uncle Scott appeared from the house opposite - so Lord knows where he had been. That was exciting - it was nice to see him and plus Uncle Dan always cheers up when Uncle Scotty's around. They drove back and made me go in the back. I was in the front first so in reality thought Uncle Scotty should go in the back. But still ... anyhow they were talking about the gym (sounds a lot of hard work to me) but agreed they would take me for a WALK first! Yay!

Not wanting to be ungrateful but it wasn't as long as usual. They were obviously eager to be off ... whatever one does at the gym! So we did the business and they steered me away from a few other dogs that were coming my way. Dunno why. I only want to play with them! What's the odd bark here and there to show them that they are boss. So the two boys vanished off to the gym and left me home alone bored again.

Then they got home about 6pm-ish and Uncle Scotty started to make something rather delicious for dinner while Uncle Dan snoozed on the sofa. Lazy bloke. He's been sleeping all day! They then teased me by eating it in front of me. Although to be fair they did give me my dinner - suppose a dog shouldn't complain too much. Uncle Barry got home at some point and was very hyper all about his work tomorrow - I think he's going to get an early night. I quite liked snoozing on the sofa between the two boys - you kinda feel part of the gang! I'm hoping they don't forget to take me out for my midnight wee-wee, I'm starting to get desperate again ...

I wonder what we're going to get upto tomorrow. I think it's just me and Uncle Dan all day ... just the way I like it! I wonder whereabouts Mummy is .... I hope she's okay!

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