Monday, 27 October 2008

Day 4 - Monday 27th October 2008

The thing I do like about this flat is that it's different - you never quite know what's going to happen each day! I was snoozing quite peacefully on the sofa and about 06:00 Uncle Barry appeared with a bang and vanished for a shower and then left. He was wearing a very odd combination of clothing today - black trousers and a white tunic thingy. Anyway he was very quiet and seemed in quite a bad mood. Probably because it was very cold - humans really should have a covering of fur like we dogs. It's much more economical.

Then Uncle Scotty appeared from nowhere in a bit of a flap - he'd overslept according to his mutterings and murmerings and so grabbed a bite of toast and a slurp of tea and then also left. Uncle Dan? I wondered where he was and whether I could go and join him on his bed. But then very oddly I heard him on his phone a couple of times and then speaking to someone about 08:00 booking an appointment with a doctor. I hope that's not a doctor for me - I'm not ill. I think! Anyhow he then kindly let me back in the room with him on his bed and we both fell asleep which was really nice.

Until ... some nasty person rang the buzzer at midnight and woke us both up. Uncle Dan ignored it which seemed rather odd to me. What if it was important?! Anyhow we both got up and he had a cup of hot steaming ... something. Then we went out for a walk! Hurrah! It was very chilly and we went a different way around the park. He wasn't in the best of moods probably because the rain/hail that started coming down really was quite chilly. And I couldn't understand why he wasn't happy loitering while I explored the exciting scents of Birmingham! Again ... if humans had fur coats then this wouldn't be an issue.

We then had a pretty chilled day - the two of us - he was chatting to people on that screen called a computer while I just ... lay. It's a dogs life - it really is. Uncle Dan went out about 4pm somewhere or other and didn't come back for quite a while. Maybe that was to do with the "doctor" thingy. Anyway Uncle Scotty arrived back first shortly followed by Uncle Dan ... and then poo to them - they went out on their own without me! I think it must have been goody shopping because they came back with loads of delicious smelling things. I'm sure I could smell roast chicken. But I wasn't allowed anywhere near!

They did take me for an evening moonlight walk which was nice. I keep sensing a mood though - so kept a beady eye on Uncle Dan. He's made a few phone calls all about this wretched "Acorns" place that is upsetting him so much. I hope he leaves there very soon. It's obviously not very nice at all. Uncle Barry came back from his work in his funny clothes and was quite cheerful talking about his day. He always makes me jumpy though ... so Uncle Dan made me take some "chill" time on the balcony.

Wonder what we'll do tomorrow. Well as long as it involves food, walks, and wee-wee I don't mind ... :)

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