Sunday, 9 November 2008

Day 17 - Sunday 9th November 2008

Well I've never known a week fly by so fast as this one! Mind you - I did try my hardest to get access to the internet but it's jealously guarded in this household. You wouldn't believe how three guys could stay glued to the screen looking at ... whatever they look at. If it's not Uncle Dan, then it's Uncle Scott and if it's not Uncle Scott then it's Uncle Barry - and Bubba certainly comes at the bottom of the pecking order in terms of internet access! That's gonna have to change - and fast. I've got webcam buddies I want to catch up with ...

So what's been happening?! Well the week started off rather badly. Still smarting from "Carpet-gate" - Uncle Dan got in one morning and let me snuggle up on his bed which was really nice. He had a rather nice duvet on. It was white (a silly colour if I say so myself) and it had sparkly sequins around the edge of it. Well I didn't chew on them. But I did get an attack of nerves because I think he was talking in his sleep or something and made me jump. So I had another "accident" similar to "Carpet-gate". We'll call this one "Kylie-gate" because Uncle Dan never stopped howling that I had de-faced his Kylie bedspread. I thought Kylie was a woman?! Anyhow ... that was all a bit awful ... again!

But the up-side has meant that I get two walks - one in the morning and a long, long one in the evening so I guess I'm the winner! I thought I had better give him something though becuz I did feel a bit ashamed so I finally gave in and do both my bits of business on the balcony. Well they've been trying for so long to make me go - I guess I owed them for the drama.

Those events aside - what else? Life has pretty much carried on as normal. Uncle Dan and Uncle Scotty still militantly go out to their "gym" and come home starving. So despite my best begging, brown-eyes tricks I haven't had a SCRAP from their dinner plates. I HATE that place. Whatever they do there and whatever it does to them - it makes them hungry. Either that or Uncle Dan is cooking less. Stingy so-and-so. I've got my own rug now to sleep on the sofa which is rather nice. Chenelle. Or something. Anyway it's very soft so that's nice. And apparantly it's not long now till Mummy comes home! Wow ... how exciting is that! I wonder if she will have changed much and I'll still recognise her ... I'm sure I will!

Until tomorrow - I've been promised we can do some more video footage soon!

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