Friday, 24 October 2008

Day 1 - Friday 24th October 2008

Today Uncle Dan arrived to pick me up from mummy's for my month's vacation in Birmingham. She's off somewhere called Oz which I am gathering is far ... far ... away. I knew something was wrong all day because mummy has been deep in some box all day folding clothes and packing them up. I worried I'd done something bad ... but she kept saying she would be back soon. Uncle Dan and mummy left me alone for a few hours and arrived back giggling and laughing and they then drunk tea and then decided to leave.

At first I thought we were going for a walk but then mummy led me to Uncle Dan's car and strapped me in and ran away quickly. I felt quite sad while Uncle Dan was driving me up this big road because I knew that I won't see her for a while but at least I always have tons of fun at Uncle Dan and Uncle Scott's house!

As soon as we turned the corner and saw his house I got very excited because I remembered it well. Uncle Dan was very kind because he ran to the bathroom moaning about the white wine spritzers that he had drunk and then took me out for a long walk. I got a bit over-excited though because an evil black dog followed us down the road trying to fight with me. I behaved and tried to ignore it. Then I saw a black puppy that looked exactly like me only smaller. I did growl at that thing just to remind it that I was bigger.

Here's a video that Uncle Dan took of me on our walk:

We're settled at home though now - and Uncle Dan is setting up this "blog" for me while Uncle Barry is playing with me. I hope mummy's okay ... I do worry about her ... wherever she's going. I hope that I will see her again soon! Ah well until then there are far more pressing worries ... like am I going to be fed soon? I'm hungry. And is Uncle Dan going to let me sleep on his bed tonight? Or will I be put on the sofa again where it's cold?

More tomorrow ...

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bubbliscious! what a lovely video I'm sooo proud of you for not weeing in it!! miss you tonnes! xxxx Mummy xxxx