Friday, 31 October 2008

Day 8 - Friday 31st October 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well I wouldn't have even known it was Halloween to be honest but apparantly I'm told that it is. Quite what that means or who that means - who knows. I missed a day on my blog!! Oh no ... what happens now!? Uncle Dan seems to think it's a bad thing - but he's to blame for it anyhow! He went out last night and didn't come back all night! I'm used to him going to work but I'm not sure whether this was work or not - he was wearing something different. And seemed excited. So I was left in with Uncle Scotty - who is the disciplinarian I have decided. I always feel I have to behave when he's on duty!

We had a nice evening - I just sat in the hall and tried to keep small and unnoticeable. I wonder where Uncle Dan is ... anyhow. It was quite a cold night again in that lounge of theirs. Wish I could be snuggled on Uncle Dan's bed - but I'm not allowed when he's not in it. Uncle Barry got up first and left for his work in that funny old thing he wears. Then Uncle Scott got up late as usual (!!!) but while he was doing his hair Uncle Dan got back. I could tell he was in a really good mood and seemed much more cheerful than he has done for ages. We all chatted for a bit and caught up on the night - and I tried to seem like I knew what they were talking about.

Then Uncle Dan went to bed and let me snuggle up with him. It was really lovely and cosy and we slept for an hour until the postman rudely awakened us by buzzing insistently on the door. I loved what Uncle Dan did ... he pulled the cover over his head and ignored it muttering something unrepeatable! We went back to sleep again and slept very well until about 2pm when I got a bit restless and started to wonder if he would ever wake up. I tried lovingly licking his hand but he didn't seem to appreciate it - it was withdrawn under the duvet. Strange. He only woke up when the door opened and Uncle Barry got back from his work.

So we all had a bit of a conference sitting on Uncle Dan's bed chatting about very important stuff. I think Uncle Barry is going to work at that horrid Acorns place tonight. They watched a bit of TV and I must admit I was getting a bit restless - I need a walk! So I tried some gentle persuasion and then got a bit louder. In the end they gave in - Uncle Barry went to bed (the sleeping patterns of this lot are quite odd) and Uncle Dan took me out for a walk. The postman seemed to have upset him a bit because he rang a couple of people - that nice lady Lynn and Uncle Scotty and another lady I haven't heard of called Jo and spoke to them about it all. It was a real shame because he seemed so happy this morning!

Anyhow we are now back home in the warm (I went nosing into Uncle Barry's room to see what he was up to and got shouted at for waking him up ... oops) - and Uncle Dan and I are working on the blog together. I'm getting quite a good typist you know.

Until tomorrow ... Happy Halloween and safe trick or treating!!

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