Sunday, 2 November 2008

Day 10 - Sunday 2nd November 2008 - "Carpet-gate"

This is just gonna be a brief entry - I'm not sure how long I'm allowed access to the computer. Yesterday I did something bad ... something unmentionable. Cross words were uttered on both sides. Uncle Dan and I expressed differences of opinions and we have since made up. I really don't wish to discuss it any further. We will henceforth refer to it as "Carpet-gate".

Today's been a bit better - it was just Uncle Dan and me so we spent time re-forging our damaged relationship. He took me out for a very long walk which was really fun. There are so many exciting smells in a big city. Well as I say, time is limited so that's all for now ... more tomorrow I hope.


Anonymous said...

spent the whole week wrecking carpets?

Bubba Guff said...

No - worse. Wrecking Dan's Kylie bed-spread! Whoops!